The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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Farming Food And Climate Justice March
Join us for Farming, Food and Climate Justice march on October 5th 2019 in London.
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Food, Farming and Climate Change
Acting to mitigate climate change through agriculture requires systemic thinking that recognises agriculture and the food system as a complex whole
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Whole Farm Agroecology Scheme
An agroecological transition is vital to ensure that the UK can continue to produce healthy, local, and affordable food for generations to come
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The current planning system is not sufficiently attuned to the needs of new entrants and agroecological farm businesses
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Supporting New Entrants to Agriculture and Land-based Work
The Landworkers’ Alliance have developed a number of targeted policies to support New Entrants.
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A New Deal for Horticulture
To meet the UK demand for fruit and vegetables, a massive scaling up of production is required
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Amend the Agriculture Bill
The proposed Agriculture Bill does not make reference to agroecological farming or local food.
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Good Food, Good Farming March
We need to ensure farmers are able to produce nutritious ecological, healthy food and everybody has guaranteed access to it
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A Place at the Table
A campaign launching the LWAs post-Brexit policy proposals,highlighting the exclusion of organisations representing smaller scale producers from policy and calling for more equal access to decision making spaces.
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Public Land for Public Good
A campaign in 2016 highlighting access to land issues and the county farm sell off, and calling for policy to support accessible routes into farming and land based work.
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Small Farms – Better Food
A stunt in 2014 highlighting the role of small farms in improving accessibility to healthy, affordable local food and calling for policy to support them.
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Food Sovereignty Football
A stunt in 2014 highlighting the unfair advantages government policy gives to industrial food producers and calling for a level field for smaller scale farmers and growers.

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