The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    Building the UK Food Sovereignty Movement

    Food justice and food sovereignty are common threads which bind much of our advocacy and campaign work together, motivated by our belief that nutritious, sustainably produced and culturally appropriate food is a basic human right, and that those who provide it should be entitled to dignified livelihoods.

    We currently rely on a food system which is overwhelmingly dominated by large corporations. This production-oriented model persists under a market-driven approach which prioritises large-scale distribution and profit at the expense of nutritional value, fair distribution and provision of living wages for producers; while simultaneously distancing consumers from their food, where it comes from, and how it is produced.  

    In order to address these issues and heal the disconnect between consumers and their food, we must approach food production and provision as one holistic system; an approach which is central to the notion of ‘food justice’.

    We therefore advocate for government policy to be guided by the six principles of food sovereignty: that food is produced for people (not profit), that food systems are localised, that control is centred locally, that food providers are valued, that skills and knowledge are valued and developed, and that food production works with nature and not against it. In 2021 we advised Henry Dimbleby and his team on the National Food Strategy, and will continue to inform the White Paper team on the importance of promoting agroecology and food sovereignty in the forthcoming Food Bill.

    Photo credit: Joya Berrow


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    VOCAL FOR LOCAL (2021 – ongoing)
    The Vocal for Local campaign makes the case for local and short supply chains as the route to just, sustainable, healthy and resilient food systems fit for the 21st century.
    View Campaign
    People’s Food Summit (2021 – ongoing)
    On the 17th of June the Landworkers’ Alliance brought together organisations and individuals from across the UK food justice movement for an online ‘People’s Food Summit’ in response to the...
    View Campaign
    A New Deal for Horticulture (2017 – ongoing)
    To meet the UK demand for fruit and vegetables, a massive scaling up of production is required
    View Campaign
    Amend the Agriculture Bill (2020)
    The proposed Agriculture Bill failed to make reference to agroecological farming or local food.
    View Campaign
    Food Sovereignty Football (2014)
    A stunt which highlighted the unfair advantages government policy gives to industrial food producers and calling for a level field for smaller scale farmers and growers.
    View Campaign
    A Place at the Table (2017)
    A campaign launching the LWAs post-Brexit policy proposals,highlighting the exclusion of organisations representing smaller scale producers from policy and calling for more equal access to decision making spaces.



    Download PDF
    LWA’s Response to the National Food Strategy (2021)
    The LWA's response to the National Food Strategy; an independent report commissioned by the UK government and published on 15 July 2021.
    Download PDF
    Vocal For Local (2021)
    The Vocal for Local report reveals the market failures of the UK supermarket supply system, outlining how local food systems can address these pressing issues in six key areas.
    Download PDF
    A People’s Food Policy (2017)
    How To Develop An Integrated Holistic National Food Policy
    Download PDF
    A New Deal For Horticulture 2 (2018)
    Proposals For A Horticultural Renewal Program With Case Studies
    Download PDF
    Making Food Soverignty A Reality (2017)
    Recommendations For Post-Brexit Agricultural Policy
    Download PDF
    Feeding the Future (2014)
    How Small And Medium Scale Agroecological Farms And Meet The Agricultural Challenges Of The 21st C.


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