The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    Food, Land Agriculture: a Movement for Equality

    Meet FLAME, the youth branch of the LWA

    We are FLAME; a new, dynamic grassroots movement for food justice, orchestrated by young people.
    Ours is an intimidating time to be young. With the looming existential threat of the climate crisis and the fresh chaos and isolation resulting from the pandemic, naturally a lot of us feel scared and overwhelmed
    by the future.
    But we also have hope. And the courage and conviction to fight for a greener, more just and more equal world.
    The necessity of food itself is something that unites us as human beings. The reality of the moment however is that the system producing what we eat is not functioning. It is a driving force of climate breakdown, loss of biodiversity and habitat destruction. Simultaneously, it leaves millions starving and without access to nourishment, accompanied by vast amounts of food waste in wealthier countries.
    We seek to alter this destructive structure. Our 3 principle aims are
    1. To demand food justice and enable access to good quality, affordable food for all
    2. To enable greater youth involvement in sustainable food production and landwork
    3. To promote agroecology as a viable solution to the climate and biodiversity crisis
    The present is daunting. But people have organised, campaigned and overcome before. We must try to do the same.
    Contact FLAME via, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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