The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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The Landworkers’ Alliance Solidarity Pot will allow us to support more landworkers through current and future challenging times.

Dee Butterly

Projects Development and Outreach Coordinator
(On maternity leave)

Dee Butterly has been working as Projects Development and Outreach Coordinator with the Landworkers’ Alliance since 2017 and oversees our media and communications work, events coordination, membership engagement and outreach and is currently developing the LWA Agroecology Training and Exchange Network. Dee is also a founding member and farmer at Southern Roots Organics CSA since 2015. Prior to working with the LWA Dee was coordinator and researcher for A People’s Food Policy (2015 - 2017), co-ordinated The Hermitage Community Vegetable Garden (2012 - 2015) and was a founding member of The Edinburgh New Leaf Co-operative (2012 - 2015)
Jyoti Fernandes

Coordinating Group
Campaigns and Policy Coordinator

Jyoti is an agrecological smallholder farmer based in Dorset, UK. The farm runs a micro dairy and produces a wide range of products from cheese and meats to cider, juice and preserves. The farm is part of a local smallholders cooperative that shares collective processing facilities and markets the products of the members’ smallholdings collectively. Jyoti coordinates the Policy, Lobbying and Campaigning work of the LWA.
Adam Payne

Coordinating Group
Governance and New Entrants Policy Coordinator

Adam is a cofounder and grower at Southern Roots Organics, a diverse market garden running a CSA and local wholesale in Devon / Dorset / Somerset. He has previously managed a mixed Organic livestock farm and was a coordinator and spokesperson for the European Coordination of Via Campesina (ECVC) in 2014-2016. Adam works on finances, fundraising and governance of the LWA and coordinates Policy, Lobbying and Campaigning on issues concerning New Entrants.
Lauren Simpson

Membership Secretary
Cymru Coordinating Group

Lauren is a new entrant landworker in West Wales with her partner Phil working on setting up a market garden to provide ingredients for their fermented foods business Parc y Dderwen as part of a mixed small holding under the Welsh ‘One Planet Development’ planning policy. Lauren also works for the Ecological Land Co-operative and before taking on the role of LWA Membership Secretary in January 2019 she was the LWA Membership Database Coordinator for the past year.
Steph Wetherell

Farm Start Network Coordinator
Mentoring Programme Coordinator
Media and Comms Coordinator

After spending a couple of years farming in the UK and Canada, Steph works part time supporting small scale producers in and around Bristol with accessing land, skills and markets. She also writes about food and farming for a number of different websites and magazines, working to connect people with where their food comes from. As Farm Start Network Coordinator Steph is working to build a network of farms and organisations offering farm-start opportunities.
Helen Starr-Keddle

Events Coordinator

Helen Starr-Keddle joined the the Landworkers’ Alliance team as Events Coordinator in 2019. She is responsible for coordinating the Landworkers’ Alliance AGM and Winter Shindig, the LWA program at the ORFC, and working to establish the LWA Land Skills Festival in 2020 onwards. Helen also currently also work with Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, where amongst many other things she manage a piece of land called Stanmer Wellbeing Gardens where community groups use the site for therapeutic horticulture, nature connection and forest schools.
Sophie Temple Preston

Marketing, Merchandise and Sales Coordinator

Sophie Temple Preston joined the Landworkers’ Alliance in 2019 as Marketing, Merch and Sales Coordinator. Her background includes a lot of workers’ co-operatives, (including being a founding member of the New Leaf Co-operative in Edinburgh from 2012 - 2018), a lot of retail, some environmental activism, a love of design, and Sophie also works as a counsellor. Whilst not a landworker, Sophie share 1/3 of an allotment which is plenty to do, and leaves her with enough time to get things to the printers. Sophie is working on many exciting projects for the LWA including the 2020 LWA Calendar and developing new lines of LWA work gear and merchandise.
Lucy Saville

LWA Traineeship Programme Coordinator

Lucy is working to improve the training available to new entrant farmers in the UK. The LWA Agroecology Traineeship Programme begins as a UK wide two year pilot in horticulture, providing support to those offering training and to people looking to get into land based work. This year, Lucy will be a trainee at Trill Farm Garden, having previously undertaken a traineeship at Chagfood CSA. Before leaving London for the South West she worked as the community food growing projects coordinator for OrganicLea, a workers' co-op in north London.
Ines Cavill

Membership Recruitment & Engagement Coordinator

Ines joined the LWA team in February 2020 to help build its membership in different regions and land working sectors. She will also work with the existing membership to develop member benefits and services, as well as collaborate with other grassroots food, farming and forestry organisations to develop mutual support. A longstanding supporter of LWA, she will be bringing together people from all walks of life who want to be a part of the movement for better food and farming.
Humphrey Lloyd

Mobilisation and Creative Engagement Coordinator

Humphrey is a founder and grower at Edible futures, an urban farm in Bristol that produces salad, herbs and vegetables for local markets. He works for the LWA coordinating mobilisations and creative engagement. Humphrey has previously been on the LWA coordinating group and was one of the producers of the film In Our Hands.
Rebecca Laughton

Coordinating Group
Horticulture Campaign Coordinator

Rebecca has many years experience in small scale farming and currently runs an Organic market garden at Tamarisk Farm in Dorset. She has worked on a number of research projects in the past and wrote ‘Surviving and Thriving on the Land: How to use your time and energy to run a successful smallholding’. Rebecca works on Policy, Lobby and Campaigning and coordinates the Horticulture Campaign.
Olly Craigan

Coordinating Group

Olly Craigan is a forester, coppice worker and charcoal maker based in North Pembrokeshire.
Roz Corbett

Coordinating Group
Scotland Policy Coordinator

Roz is a farmer at Taybank Growers Co-operative in Perthshire, Scotland and does fundraising work for Urban Roots in Glasgow. She is also a founder of the Scottish Farmland Trust and was previously the Scotland Development Manager for the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens. Roz coordinates LWA policy work in Scotland.
Holly Tomlinson

Cymru Policy Coordinator
Cymru Coordinating Group

Holly has been on the Coordination Team of LWA Cymru since the 2017. She coordinated the LWA Cymru response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on post Brexit agricultural policy “Brexit & Our Land”. She is working on the follow up consultation “Sustainable Farming & our Land” and hopes to increase the visibility of LWA Cymru members.She has been a director of Tyddyn Teg Vegetable Cooperative since June 2017. Previoulsy she worked on responding to government energy policy for Ecotricity. She now works part time for a community energy organisation Energy Local CIC and is also involved in climate activism.
Rupert Duun

Coordinating Group

Rupert is Farmer and Baker at Torth y Tir (Loaf of the land) a Community-Supported Peasant Bakery in Pembrokeshire. Torth y Tir farm, mill and bake wood-fired, hand made sourdough bread and pizzas. The enterprise is community owned and run.
Oli Rodker

Coordinating Group

As well as being on the coordinating group of LWA, Oli is a Director of the Ecological Land Co-operative, where he is Site Development manager. He has worked on a range of environmental campaigns and for numerous land-based businesses for the last 30 years. He is also a woodworker and barn builder.
Charlotte Steel

Coordinating Group

Charlotte has been a member of the LWA for a few years now and is always inspired by how practical, passionate and proactive an organisation it is. At this pivotal point in UK agriculture she hopes to contribute to the vital policy and campaigning work – highlighting how important smaller-scale, agroecological producers are to achieving a fairer food system for people and planet.
Ruth Hancock

Coordinating Group

Ruth founded and has been lead grower at Fresh and Green, a 5 acre market garden in East Devon since its establishment 20 years ago.
Helen Woodcock

Coordinating Group

Helen is co-founder of The Kindling Trust where she does a bit of everything, from running Land Army volunteering days at their FarmStart site, to overseeing the finances. She is also one of the founding members of Manchester Veg People co-operative and helped establish the national FarmStart Incubator Network. At the moment she is focusing on setting up the Kindling farm, a 100+ acre organic agroforestry fruit, veg and arable farm, with plans for a centre for social change and social enterprise hub (where she is very excited about getting back to doing some serious growing!).
Dee Woods

Coordinating Group

Dee Woods is a food and farming action-ist and campaigner, who advocates for good food for all and a more just and equitable food system. She challenges the systemic barriers that impact marginalised communities, farmers and food producers. Her work meets at the nexus of poverty and hunger, human rights, food sovereignty, community development, policy, research, climate and social justice.
Gerald Miles

Coordinating Group
Cymru Coordinating Group

Gerald has farmed at Caerhys with his family for over fifty years. The farm is a mixed Organic farm in Pembrokeshire growing heritage grain crops, vegetables and Welsh Black suckler beef herd and pigs. The farm formed the first CSA in Wales – Gerald has been involved as an Activist against GM Crops and Agri-Businesses for many years.
Sam Robinson

Coordinating Group
Cymru Coordinating Group

Sam is an LWA Cymru coordinator, with an interest in forging relationships between the LWA and Welsh speaking farming communities. He is on the steering group for the Wales Real Food and Farming Conference. He currently works as a shepherd, and is learning about silvopasture and cider making. He is enthusiastic about the potential of livestock farming to support good ecology and human health.
Kate McEvoy

Cymru Coordinating Group

Kate McEvoy has been an active member of the Landworkers’ Alliance since 2014, and is one of the three LWA Cymru co-ordinators.She’s a founder member of the Real Seed Catalogue and has been growing and selling vegetable seed since 1998. She also spends time writing, teaching and campaigning around issues of seed sovereignty within the UK.

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