The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    How We Organise

    The Landworkers’ Alliance is a democratic, member-led union. We are constituted as a non-for-profit, co-operative, company limited by guarantee.
    We have members across the UK and work wherever we can to support members needs at a local level and build our collective power by bringing members together to work on the issues that are important to them.
    The LWA is growing fast and so working groups and structures at the local level change quickly. If you are a member who wants to get more involved contact us and we will direct you to local groups, coordinators and working groups.
    As a member-led union we encourage active participation of members at whatever level they want to work at. To further this we organise trainings and events at which people can get involved. Visit the events page for more information about upcoming events and opportunities.

    Coordinating Group

    The Coordinating group is composed of up to 12 Directors who are elected from the membership by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. They are responsible for coordinating the strategic, financial, governmental and political work of the organisation.
    The Coordinating group aims to represent a balance of sectors, branches and regions whilst maintaining gender parity, a range of ages and inclusion.

    Branches and Regions

    The membership of the LWA is organised into branches and regions according to where members live and work. Active members in branches and regions form teams to develop the local work of the organisation.

    FLAME – the youth arm of the LWA

    FLAME is made up of young people who believe that the way we produce food and eat it can be a solution to creating a better world. They believe that everybody should have access to nutritious, safe and affordable food. Some of them have grown up on family farms and some are now pursuing careers in farming, forestry, food preparation or land based crafts. Some are ecologists, health care workers, artists, community organisers. All of them are activists in our own way believing that food and land are are important.

    Learn more about FLAME here.

    Working Groups

    The LWA organises working groups to address specific areas of our work. These are composed of groups of members and change regularly to reflect the priorities of the organisation.
    We currently have an LGBTQIA+ working group and a BPOC (Black and People of Colour) working group. If you are a member and would like to join either of these groups, please email
    For more information about our organising structure have a look at How the LWA works: A Handbook for Members.

    Read it here

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