The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    Building social networks and solidarity between members is key to our aims of increasing the number of agroecological land-based businesses in the UK, reducing rural isolation and supporting our members wherever possible.
    To achieve these aims we organise events, farm walks, parties, trainings and exchanges around the country and work to put people in contact with others around them. We also work with other organisations to improve rural social networks and support services and work with La Via Campesina and allied organisations in other countries to organise exchange visits and events.
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    We aim to increase the skills and knowledge of our members in respect to agroecological farming and land management as well as in union organising, campaigning and lobbying. To achieve this we organise and encourage both formal and informal training, skill shares and exchanges.
    We are working on setting up resources and coordination to help meet the need for Agroecological training, mentoring and knowledge exchange.
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    We aim to improve the public’s’ understanding of the social, environmental and economic benefits created by our members work, and to highlight the challenges they face. In addition we aim to raise the public profile of agroecology and food sovereignty as solutions to social and environmental crisis.
    To achieve this we work to increase the visibility of our members work through both formal and informal media, and to develop the reach and content of our own communications channels.
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    We aim to increase the numbers of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers in the UK and to increase the political and policy level understanding of both the issues our members face and the solutions they represent.
    In addition we aim to improve the sovereignty, resilience and sustainability of our food and land-use systems and to increase peoples access to local, healthy and affordable food, fuel and fibre.
    To achieve these aims we lobby and campaign for policy that will support the infrastructure and markets central to our members’ livelihoods, as well as opposing policies that would have negative effects.
    We work to build relationships with with civil servants, political parties and decision makers at local, national and international levels and are engaged in numerous official and unofficial campaigning and lobbying processes in the UK, and in Europe and Internationally though La Via Campesina.
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