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Save Trecadwgan Farm

Save Trecadwgan Farm – Oppose the sell-off!
16/08/2019 lwaadmin4

Save Trecadwgan Farm

Trecadwgan farm is a county farm owned by Pembrokeshire County Council who, without any public consultation, attempted to sell the farm at auction, for short term financial gain.
Members of the local community opposed the sell-off and have managed to raise over £50,000 in order for the council to remove the farm from auction. They have now entered into negotiation to purchase the farm, with a view to creating a community owned farm.
Why is this important?
Trecadwgan is a beautiful, traditional farm with history dating back to the 14th Century and links even further back to the Welsh Prince Cadwgan. It sits at the meeting point of three ancient pathways at the head of the Solva Valley.
Farms like this are being lost, either swallowed up by larger factory type enterprises or sold off for development, leaving very few opportunities for those wishing to come into farming.
At the same time we live in an increasing era of food poverty, where the local community has lost the ability to feed itself.
This is an opportunity for the community to become part of something that will start to shape the way we live, provide food and interact as a community for the better and providing greater well-being for all.
How can I get involved and find out more?
Visit the campaign website here or the facebook page Save Trecadwgan Farm

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