The Landworkers’ Alliance is an organisation of farmers, growers and land-based workers. We work to overcome the obstacles facing us by campaigning for policies to support the infrastructure and markets central to our members livelihoods, building alliances and encouraging solidarity.

We also raise awareness of the role that small-scale producers, family farmers and land-based workers play in providing food security, environmental stewardship, rural livelihoods, strong communities, animal welfare and high-quality affordable food.

British Agricultural Policy – Member Consultation Results

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Thanks so much to everyone that participated in the post-Brexit British Agricultural Survey Consultation. A huge contribution of useful experiences and vital policy suggestions will now inform our detailed proposals for a post-Brexit Agricultual Policy. The experiences you (anonymously) shared will be used in documents and via social media to strengthen the case for a food and agricultural policy that works for us – ecological, community and socially motivated farmers. Quick Links Policy Priorities: A summary of proposals and ideas from the Land… (more…)

Help inform the LWA Framework for a British Agricultural Policy

Please take 10-20 minutes to fill in this survey such that we can make the strongest possible case for a British Agricultural Policy that supports small scale, community and family farmers. Please respond by September 30th. Click here to take the survey Your input helps strengthen the case for real change in post-Brexit Agricultural Policy The task of creating a post-Brexit ‘British Agricultural Policy’ that supports producers, protects the environment and prioritizes access to healthy, nutritious food for all is a complex but… (more…)

Member Offer – Free Support in Online Direct Sales with Open Food Network

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The Open Food Network (OFN) has just launched in the UK and aims contribute to food sovereignty by supporting food producers and local food initiatives to thrive. We’re offering free support to Landworkers’ Alliance members to offer online direct sales to their customers. The Open Food Network aims to help producers and communities develop their local food enterprise by making it easy to offer online ordering to their customers. This could mean adding an online shop to an existing website,… (more…)

More Farmers, Better Food – A framework for British Agricultural Policy


The UK’s small-scale, ecological and family farms are at the heart of our rural culture and communities; they create employment, protect cherished landscapes and provide a huge amount of the food we eat. However, in the past, the UK’s farming strategies have undermined domestic production of healthy, affordable food and left many small farms unfairly disadvantaged in the market place.

The task of creating a post-Brexit ‘British Agricultural Policy’ that support producers, protects the environment and prioritizes access to healthy, nutritious food for all is a complex but essential one. It represents a great opportunity if the Government is ready to listen to the needs of all stakeholders and put in place a truly long-term plan for environmental, social and economic resilience.

In order to contribute to this debate, The Landworkers’ Alliance proposes 8 points that we believe must be integral to forthcoming policy. Over the next 6 months we will carry out an in-depth consultation among our members to draw up a more comprehensive policy proposal that addresses the needs of food producers in the UK. We will also work with other organizations to draw up a framework for a ‘Peoples’ Food Policy’ that can address the systemic inequalities and misguided policies currently afflicting the food and farming sectors.

Download ‘More Farmers, Better Food – A framework for British Agricultural Policy’ here:


Landworkers’ Alliance demand recognition for small-farms in post Brexit policies

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It is with some concern that The Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) looks forward at the possibilities for British food and agricultural policies post-Brexit. The task will require huge effort and ingenuity on behalf of political decision makers if it is to support producers, protect the environment and prioritize access to healthy, nutritious food for all.

As a national union of small-scale, traditional and family farmers, The Landworkers’ Alliance is determined to ensure that the voices of smaller-scale producers are included in post-Brexit policy.


Land Skills Day 11th June


Come one and all to the LWA Land Skills Day, held the day before the Green Scythe Fair  on the same site.

The Landworkers’ Alliance will be hosting a variety of different workshops on land based skills throughout the day, and there will be music, food and a bar too…

Tickets for the event must be bought here and include workshops, lunch, dinner, music and entry to the Green Scythe Fair on the following day.



Brexit or Bremain: Collected Opinions and Resources

Below is a collection of resources and opinions that have been forwarded to The Landworkers’ Alliance in the lead up to the referendum, in no particular order. We would love to hear responses, debate, comment and opinion, as well as links to other resources you might have found. Please post them to our forum. Matt Lobley, Associate Professor in Rural Resource Management at the University of Exeter, shares his thoughts on the EU Referendum. The views expressed here are his own. Some… (more…)

International Solidarity on April 17th


The International Day of Peasant and Agrarian Struggle is remembered on April 17th each year, a day of solidarity to the struggle and persecution peasants and small scale farmers face around the world. April 17th 2016 marks 20 years since 19 peasant men and women were murdered by security forces in Brazil’s northern state of Para whilst demonstrating for agrarian reform. The victims were part of a demonstration of 1,500 landless men and women calling for the federal appropriation of a… (more…)

Public land for public good

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The Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) hung a 7m banner over the entrance to the treasury today to highlight the continued sell off of publicly owned farmland and council housing under the Government’s austerity programme. The action took place as part of La Via Campesina’s ‘International day of Agrarian Struggle’ that will see co-ordinated actions across more than 70 countries highlighting threats to the livelihoods of 200 million ecological and family farmers worldwide.

The LWA’s action focussed on the 9,500 acres of publicly owned farmland and 219 working farms that have been sold by local councils since 2010 under pressure from the Government to raise capital and meet fiscal deficits. The sell off of the public farmland estate is part of £37bn of privatization sales made by George Osborne since 2010 under which public food and farming assets have been regarded as any other commodity to be bought and sold.


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