The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    One-to-one and peer support

    We will be providing a range of one to one and peer support services for farmers including:

    • One to one farm advisory services
    • Regional and sectoral peer to peer support networks
    • Farm tours


    One to one farm advisory services:

    Advisors will help farmers look at their whole farming systems to evaluate their business and farming model from inputs to the end supply chain, identifying ways to help the farm business become more environmentally sustainable in preparation for ELMS and more economically sustainable as BPS income ends.

    • On farm advice will be available for 80 farms (identified through the webinar program) 
    • All specialist advisors have been supporting farmers through change for many years and many were involved in the delivery of advice under the former Organic Conversion Information Service. 
    • Advisors all have at least 15 years experience of providing technical and business advice to the highest standard, and have practical experience in organic production.


    Peer to peer support networks & farm tours:

    We are developing regional and sectoral peer-to-peer networks so that farmers have ongoing support and are able to learn from and with each other.

    Tailored support will be aimed to address the changes that farmers wish to make to their businesses and to ensure that farmers feel adequately supported and confident in implementing changes. 

    The peer-to-peer support network model has been developed through the LWA ELMS Tests and Trials and is a successful format for supporting farmers. As well as being invaluable for information and skill sharing, peer-to-peer networks also provide mental health and well-being support


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