The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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The Landworkers’ Alliance Solidarity Pot will allow us to support more landworkers through current and future challenging times.

We aim to support members to improve their enterprises and overcome obstacles they face, as well as to assist farmers, growers and land-based workers to shift their production to agroecological systems and their enterprises to direct sales or short supply chain models.

We are working on a range of resources explaining direct sales and short supply chain models, marketing, business planning and options for accessing finance, as well as understanding the planning system, food safety and environmental health requirements. These will be available here when they are ready.

We offer some training and mentoring, and resources on setting up farm start sites. You can find details in the training section. Members also run farmer to farmer groups in many parts of the country, and we recommend using the forum on this website to post questions that others may be able to help you with.

We are also able offer some email and phone support to discuss your situation and will do what we can do help. This is available to members, and to farmers, growers and land-based workers who are not members but want to move towards direct sales and short supply chain models.

If you are not a member but find our support helpful, we recommend you join up so that we can continue to provide these resources to others.

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