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Supporting the Next Generation of Farmers

Launch of ‘Supporting the Next Generation of Farmers’
16/08/2019 lwaadmin4
The Landworkers’ Alliance has launched a new policy document as part of our work to improve support for New Entrants to Agroecological Farming and overcome barriers to entry in the sector.
In this document we propose a support package aimed at increasing the number of new entrants to agroecological farming by targeting government support at the three core issues facing new entrants: access to land, the start up costs of establishing a business and the lack of appropriate on-farm training.
This document outlines workable proposals that Defra could implement with relative ease to alleviate the issues and increase the number of new entrants whilst also increasing the positive environmental and social impacts of their farm businesses and reducing environmental and social externalities. 
Adam Payne, LWA policy coordinator for New Entrants said: 
“We believe that supporting new entrants to agroecological farming should be a priority area for UK agricultural policy. Our farm population is aging rapidly and new entrants are being blocked from entering the sector by a combination of high start up costs, issues accessing land, insufficient training opportunities and problems accessing finance because of the low returns and high risks associated with agricultural enterprises. 
Finding solutions to these problems is urgent but not difficult, it is just a matter of political will. As this document shows, the answers are clear and a small public investment would have multiple benefits in environmental, social and public health terms, and represent a positive social return on investment for public money.
If we fail to act now we risk losing the knowledge and experience of the older generation of farmers who have no clear succession plan. As anyone who works on the land knows this would be a catastrophic loss that must be avoided.”
Download ‘Supporting the next generation of farmers: Proposals for support schemes to assist the establishment and success of New Entrants to Agroecological Farming’ 

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