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    As a Union, we have a Solidarity Pot to support our members facing difficult circumstances, and help members bridge an urgent gap or to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

    Gallwch gyfrannu at ein cronfa neu wneud cais am gefnogaeth isod

    Farming and working on the land can come with lots of unexpected challenges. From cashflow issues to weather related problems, staff sickness to the impact of Covid-19, there are a number of things that can cause financial pressure. We want to support our members during these times to make sure that our local food and agroecological land use systems can keep growing.

    We have used income from membership, merchandise and events to create a Solidarity Pot to help support members facing challenging times, and thanks to generous donations the pot has been increased and currently stands at £19,000, and we hope that it can help.
    The purpose of our Solidarity Pot is to help members bridge an urgent gap or to respond quickly to changing circumstances with a loan of up to £1000.
    We are accepting donations to the Solidarity Pot to allow us to support more landworkers through current and future challenging times. To donate, please fill in the box on the left. Any donations will be used to support our members through the Solidarity Pot.
    Os hoffech gefnogi gwaith Cynghrair Gweithwyr y Tir yn ehangach, gallwch ymuno â’r Gynghrair fel aelod-gefnogwr – ewch i’n tudalen cefnogwyr i ddysgu mwy. visit our supporter page to find out more.
    Ceisiadau am gymorth
    We are only able to offer a modest amount as a loan, and we know that the amount we can offer will not meet the full needs of some of our members. If you require a larger sum of money please do get in touch and we can see how we can support as well as signpost to other sources of aid and assistance – contact if you have any queries. We are also considering on granting money (instead of a loan) in certain circumstances where there is a need and a loan not appropriate e.g. for a member suffering from long covid and unable to work.
    There is 0% interest on the loan and we will agree with you the best payback time depending on your needs – but this can be anything from 6 months – 5 years.
    We are trying to make this a quick process, and will review applications on a weekly basis. If your application is agreed, you can expect payment within 5 working days of receipt of Agreement Form.
    Rydym yn gweithredu’r cynllun hwn ar sail ymddiriedaeth ac yn ysbryd cydsafiad. Nid ydym yn disgwyl i chi adrodd yn ôl, ond rydym yn croesawu adborth o ran sut rydych wedi defnyddio’r arian a sut y bu o gymorth. Bydd hyn yn ein helpu i bledio achos parhau i weithredu ein Cronfa Gydsafiad yn y tymor hirach, a rhannu dysg ac ysbrydoliaeth ymhlith ein haelodau.
    Prif bwyntiau
    – We have up to £19,000 available
    – We can only take requests for support from landworker members of the Landworkers’ Alliance.
    – You can request up to £1000 loan with 0% interest. We will consider larger amounts on a case by case basis.
    – In certain circumstances, e.g. for members suffering from long covid we will also consider a £1000 grant.
    – Repayment terms are agreed on a case by case basis.
    – We will review requests on a weekly basis and respond by the following week with a decision or clarification questions. If there are questions/clarifications there may be a short delay on this timescale.
    – Payments will be made within 5 working days of agreement
    Read these case studies from two of the previous recipients of the Solidarity Pot to learn about why they applied and how it helped them.
    To request support from the Solidarity Pot, please fill in our form here. If you have any questions about the Solidarity Pot, see the FAQ below or please email

    Beth os wyf yn dymuno bod yn gefnogwr rheolaidd i Gynghrair Gweithwyr y Tir?

    Os hoffech gefnogi gwaith Cynghrair Gweithwyr y Tir, gallwch ymuno â’r gynghrair fel cefnogwr – ewch i’n tudalen gefnogwyr i ddysgu mwy. visit our supporter page to find out more.

    Oes angen i mi fod yn aelod i wneud cais?

    Dim ond i weithwyr tir sy’n aelodau o Gynghrair Gweithwyr y Tir y mae’r Gronfa Gydsafiad ar gael – gallwch ddysgu mwy am aelodaeth yma.

    Pwy fydd yn penderfynu ar bwy sy’n derbyn cymorth?

    Bydd panel sy’n cynnwys staff y Gynghrair ac aelodau o’r grŵp cydlynu yn adolygu pob cais ac yn dod i benderfyniad o ran a oes modd i ni gefnogi’r ymgeisydd.

    Pam mai benthyciad yn hytrach na grant rydych chi’n ei gynnig?

    Our solidarity pot is something we want to last.  By offering this money as a loan, we hope that we can recoup money and be able to offer it to other members experiencing emergencies in the future.  If we offered this as a grant the money would run out very quickly.  To make it affordable to members we are running it on a 0% interest rate

    A oes modd i unigolion / unig fasnachwyr wneud cais?

    Oes. Mae’r cynllun yn agored i holl aelodau’r Gynghrair; bydd rhai o’r rhain yn unig fasnachwyr neu’n weithwyr fferm hunangyflogedig.

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