The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    Join our union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers to build a future where everybody can access local, healthy, affordable food, fuel and fibre from producers they can trust. Benefits of membership include:

    A Voice in your Union

    Your voting rights help shape the future of the union. We are member-led and welcome participation.


    Business Help

    We work with members to provide the resources to help overcome business obstacles.


    Networks & Solidarity

    Members benefit from access to numerous social events and digital networking opportunities.


    Training and Exchange

    Members benefit from discounted mentoring, skillshare and traineeship opportunities.


    Media and Communications

    Members benefit from access to news, updates and opportunities through our digital channels.


    Campaigning and Lobbying

    Members have opportunities to shape the proposals and lobby all levels of government.


    Benefits from our Partners

    Receive benefits from our partners e.g. a discount with Permanent Publications when you join as a member


    Why join the Landworkers’ Alliance?

    As a member of the Landworkers’ Alliance you will be part of a dynamic, fast growing UK wide union and social movement that is working to improve your livelihood and create a better food and land-use system for everyone.
    We are an independant, democratic and member-led union, run by producers for producers. All our policies, representation and training comes from farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers who have direct experiences of the issues we work on. This means you can trust that people representing understand your experiences and that you can influence our proposals and policies.
    As well as working on the policy details to improve members situations right now, we also have a bigger vision of a future where people can work with dignity to earn a decent living and everyone can access local, healthy and affordable food, fuel and fibre. We want to create a food and land-use system based on agroecology, food sovereignty and sustainable forestry that furthers social and environmental justice.


    Who can join the Landworkers’ Alliance?

    Membership of the Landworkers’ Alliance is open to individuals, partnerships, groups and organisations who support the principles of Food Sovereignty and are actively engaged in farming, growing, forestry and land-based work, including land-based crafts and food processing. We welcome all members, young or old, experienced or new entrants from anywhere in the UK.
    If you are not sure whether you are eligible for membership, have a look at our full membership criteria.
    If you want to support our work but are not actively engaged in land-based work you can join us as a supporter or make a donation.
    View Our Membership Criteria

    Membership of the Landworkers’ Alliance is open to groups and individuals that support the principles of Food Sovereignty and spend a substantial amount of their occupation engaged in:

    1) Individual small or medium scale food, fibre and fuel production using organic, low impact or agro-ecological methods.
    2) Community Supported Agriculture projects.
    3) Agricultural workers.
    4) Small – scale sustainable fisherfolk..
    5) Woodland workers practicing sustainable forestry and producing local woodland products.
    6) Producers who use land-based products to earn their livelihood through traditional craft or food processing.
    7) Artisanal producers who in working in occupations ancillary to food, fuel and fibre production.
    8) Alliances, cooperatives and constituted groups of producers and agricultural workers.
    9) New entrants who are already substantially engaged in the above activities.


    Annual fee for individual


    Annual fee for Partners/Couples

    Group/Org - 6

    Annual Fee for up to Six People

    Group/Org - 10

    Annual Fee for up to Ten People

    Group/Org - 11+

    Annual Fee for Eleven or More People

    • “We feel that the Land Workers Alliance is a hugely important part of building a sustainable food movement in the UK. It not only provides information and support to a body of people (farmers, growers, woodland and land workers) who often work in isolation, but represents and gives a voice to this largely under represented group of people. We are very grateful to the Land Workers Alliance for both your hard work and your inspiration.”
      LWA Member, Perthshire
    • “I cannot express enough the importance of the Landworkers Alliance – not only because of the support it offers small scale growers like myself and other family farms. But because it strikes right at the heart of all that is wrong with our global food system whilst offering very real and positive solutions.”
      LWA Member, Ceredigion
    • “I don't think I've made any secret of the fact that I'd been having doubts about carrying on with all of it over the last couple of years. Post planning angst burnout, coupled with the sheer relentlessness of it all, and just overdoing things in general. Being part of LWA and associated activities has really helped with that. To reinvigorate, revalidate, and just to get amongst people who can reflect back, "yeah this is worthwhile work to do; you're not completely nuts".
      LWA Member, Devon

    How do I sign up?

    Just click on the boxes above to join as an individual, partnership or group. Alternatively, if you are not a land-worker, Join us as a supporter by clicking on the supporters page.

    How do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your membership at any time by ending your subscription with the cancel button in ‘My Account’, or get in touch with our Membership Secretary on

    What is La Via Campesina?

    La Via Campesina is the global umbrella organisation of peasant, small-scale farmer and agricultural workers unions. It currently represents over 200 million producers through around 200 member organisations.

    Who can be a member?

    Membership is open to individuals, partnerships, groups and organisations who support the principles of Food Sovereignty and are actively engaged in farming, growing, forestry and land-based work, including land-based crafts and food processing.

    When was the LWA established?

    The LWA was founded in 2012 by a small group of farmers, growers and land-based workers’ who were frustrated by the lack of representation of small-medium scale agroecological producers in the UK.

    What is Food Sovereignty?

    Food Sovereignty is a framework for localised, equitable and ecological food systems that puts those who produce and consume food at the cente of decision making. You can find out more on the BETH RYDYM YN SEFYDLU AMDANO page of our website.

    Will I be tied into a contract?

    Your membership will automatically renew every year unless you choose to cancel your membership.

    How big is the LWA?

    The LWA is growing fast and currently represents over 1200 farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers around the UK.

    What is Agroecology?

    Agroecology is a framework for describing the knowledge and practices of food producers working in resilient and sustainable food and land-use systems. You can find out more on the BETH RYDYM YN SEFYDLU AMDANO page of our website.

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