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    Agroecology Research Collaboration


    The Agroecology Research Collaboration (ARC) is an initiative developed by the Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA), the Community Supported Agriculture Network UK (CSAN), the Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC), the Organic Growers Alliance (OGA) and Pasture for Life (PFL). We are organisations working within the UK food, farming, forestry and land-use sector with a large membership base of agroecological practitioners.   

    As organisations working towards shifting the paradigm around how we produce food and use land, we recognise the important position that research has to play in doing so. ARC is therefore a collective endeavour to support and inform an increasing research interest led by, centring on and meeting the needs of agroecological farmers, growers, foresters and other land-based workers. We work and collaborate with other organisations advocating for change and recognise the potential for strengthening the agroecology movement when our efforts are combined and coordinated. 



    Our organisations are committed to building a farming, forestry and land-use system rooted in agroecology and food sovereignty. ARC is founded upon, and steered by, the needs of grassroots organisations and the communities and politics they represent. We strive to engage with research in a manner that is mutually supportive and that furthers the work of the broader movement we operate within. 



    The Agroecology Research Collaboration aims to: 

    • Represent and further the research needs of agroecological practitioners across the UK. 
    • Develop a network of connections with researchers and research institutes to co-create relevant research that is based on principles of mutual support and exchange. 
    • Build a strong evidence base that demonstrates agroecology as a viable and long term alternative to the current industrial food and land-use system. 
    • Ensure that ARC members, and the wider network of grassroots organisations representing those working in food, farming and forestry, are actively involved in and have an equal stance in developing and steering research agendas. 


    OUR WORK: 

    ARC is guided by a steering group and employs a research coordinator whose work focuses on: 

    • Project development: Coordinating and facilitating the development and delivery of research projects. 
    • Outreach: Developing a network of researchers, organisations and institutions that support the work of ARC.
    • Research dissemination: Creating materials and practices to ensure research is accessible and usable for practitioners and organisations. 



    We are acutely aware of the need to access rigorously performed research to further the presence and practice of agroecology within the UK. We also require research evidence to support our policy campaigns work with various government departments and public bodies. However, it is not always possible for our organisations to undertake our own research to investigate and produce data on the necessary topics. We are aware that there is a growing effort within academia to shift the norms around what gets researched, and how, and who sets research agendas. We therefore recognise the interdependence that exists between our organisations and research institutions, and the potential for pushing forward the agroecology movement when our efforts are coordinated.

    In light of this, we have created a ‘Research Needs and Priorities’ document to highlight and communicate the topics that we require research evidence on. This document will evolve and be regularly updated as our research needs expand and shift. 

    To access the document, please click here



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    We are always interested in connecting with individuals and organisations who are working towards building a food and land-use system that is just, sustainable, resilient and healthy for all. Please contact Tara Wight on to get in touch with ARC. 

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