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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Ashley

    Hello Metske,

    We are now taking members, so if you wish to join The Landworkers Alliance please get in touch again and I can send you a membership form.

    Thanks for your interest,

    Landworkers Alliance
    Membership Secretary

  2. Dr David Gibbon

    I am a researcher/trainer/reviewer and not a substantial landowner. However, I have worked with small farmers and grower in over 50 countries for the past 45 years and wish to support your aims and objectives in whatever way I can. Please keep me informed.



  3. Tony watson

    My wife and I have recently retired and now spend a great deal of time growing vegetables. The acquisition of a poly tunnel has proved to be a real winner. We would like to consider joining the alliance.
    Best wishes.

  4. Byron Hadley

    A great website, ive requested a membership form. Where I live is now a National Trust run estate where in the past cottage industries were quite rife and acceptable as was small holding, the Trust sadly has implicated a new policy where all cottage industry has to go and small holdings are not acceptable.

    Several cottages have had notice to remove their chickens and turn their veggie patches back to lawn and one gentleman was ordered to remove his unsightly timber pile and stack of pallets…..he by the way sells a little wood when he doesn’t need it for the house.

    When another person mentioned keeping bees on a property the Trust denied permission.

    For us lucky few who work closely with the tenants committee, we ignored the trusts rules and carried on as normal, and though the Trust encourages the use of allotments in contained areas they have no inclination to encourage others to make use of the large old fashioned gardens in their cottages.

    They seem to have no interest in the cottage industries nor in small holding on any size or level.

    The young here wish to live as there parents and grandparents had done but find the Trusts rules daunting and the National Trust rather unapproachable.

    Is it just here this is happening or is it a standard Trust thing? I don’t know. But I do know that they are acting like corporate buffoons who have no clue or understanding of the country way of life, they are the sort of institution which through their own negligence is seeing the end of old rural skills and ways of life.

    They ought to be the ones promoting small holding and organic farming!

    So yes I am all up for fighting against the system and promoting a fairer, better, farming life style, small holding life style.

    Thank goodness for this society!

    I cant wait for the newletters!

  5. Paul Jennings

    We are just in the midst of selling some land in France and buying some land in Wales for a One Planet Development project. Only the lack of £25 is preventing me from joining right now………… once I have the readies, count me in.

  6. Carole Shorney

    After reading the item about ‘La Via Campesina in the UK’ I thought I would invite you to sign my petition Safeguard our Soils, Mr. Pickles! which I launched in the New Year following advice from CPRE and the Soil Association, brief details of which are below:

    To summarise for anyone else who hasn’t been and signed the petition, it’s worth doing.

    The aim of this is to stop the government allowing prime agricultural land to be bought by developers.

    It used to be the case that, when Britain supplied most of its own food, good quality land was kept for agricultural purposes, not housing/other buildings.

    With all best wishes,,
    Carole Shorney
    SE Essex Organic Gardeners