The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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We are working to develop a UK wide agroecology training and exchange network between farmers, growers, forests and land-based workers practicing agroecological farming and land-management. This network is aimed at filling some of the gaps in training for agroecology as well as inspiring innovation and best practice by peer-to-peer learning and exchange.
See the calendar for upcoming events or contact your regional coordinator for groups in your area.


Farmer-to-farmer groups create opportunities for low-cost peer-to-peer exchange. A number of groups have been set up around the country and we are working to develop more. Groups generally get together at the beginning of the year to decide on who will be hosting sessions and what topics they will look at. The groups then meet up at members farms on a monthly basis to explore the topics, share experiences and look at practical examples.
Farmer-to-Farmer groups are simple to organise and do not require significant running costs. They are an effective tool for sharing experiences and driving innovation and cooperation.


A mentoring relationship between experienced practitioners and new entrants in the first years of running a land-based enterprise is extremely valuable and can have a significant impact on the development of the business and the success of the new entrant. We are working to develop mentoring schemes that partner experienced practitioners with new entrants for farm visits and support in setting up enterprises and troubleshooting in the first years. Information about mentoring opportunities will be accessible to LWA members as they become available.



On-farm traineeships, where new entrants work alongside an experienced farmer, grower or forester for one or two seasons, are an important entry route into land-based work and play the role of an informal apprenticeship for many people.
We are working with members offering traineeships to improve the coherence of training provided and to group members in the same area together to provide collective delivery of theoretical elements to organise farm visits and exchanges. By doing this we aim to improve the training experience and ensure that the quality of training is high. Information about the traineeship scheme will be accessible to LWA members as they become available.

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