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Agroecology in Action

Parliamentary Meeting and Stakeholder Consultation

Agroecology in Action: Parliamentary Meeting (10/09/19)
26/08/2019 lwaadmin4

Over the 10th and 11th September 2019 the Landworkers’ Alliance are organising a Parliamentary Meeting on Agroecology and a Stakeholder Consultation on The Environmental Land Management Schemes and policy to support Agroecology.

Where and When? Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 from 12pm – 2pm, Jubilee Room, Palace of Westminster.
The Landworkers’ Alliance is organising an event called Agroecology in Action – which will feature presentations and policy recommendations by farmers across the UK who are using agroecological practices to create a food system that restores and builds nature whilst producing healthy affordable food. 
The presentations will be accompanied by a buffet feast of UK grown, agroecological food and a photo exhibition of agroecological farmers from around the world called ‘We Feed the World’.
The LWA are advocating that the UK Agriculture Bill be amended to support a transition to agroecological farming in order to create a sustainable and just food system that deals with the climate and nature crisis that we are facing.
This event is being held at a key point before the UK leaves the European Union as the Agriculture Bill passes through parliament. The UK could have a green agriculture policy outside of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), but this is dependant on the passage of the Agriculture Bill and a strong commitment to Environmental Land Management programmes which help farms become more agroecological whilst also producing food. Alongside this it is vital to stop imports from countries with lower standards flooding UK markets through trade agreements and undercutting farms here.
We are hosting the event so that MPs and peers can learn more about the Agroecology amendments – including those dealing with trade, climate, pesticides and health – which are proposed to the Agriculture Bill, so that they can be supported in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
The presentations, rooted in the experience of our members, will bring to life the steps that can be taken by government to implement a food and farming system that is equitable, sustainable, nourishing and humane.

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