Welcome to the website of the Landworkers’ Alliance. We are a producer-led organisation of small-scale producers and family farmers who use sustainable methods to produce food, fuel and fibre. We raise awareness of the role that our members play in providing food security, environmental stewardship, livelihoods, strong communities, animal welfare and high-quality affordable food.

We work to overcome the obstacles facing land-based workers face by building alliances, encouraging solidarity and campaigning for better policy for agro-ecology and food sovereignty.

News and Events

Press Release – Landworkers’ Alliance in solidarity with milk logo webprice protests

The Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) unequivocally supports the recent round of dairy blockades launched by Farmers For Action (FFA). The LWA membership includes a number of small-scale dairy producers who, although not directly supplying to supermarkets, have been indirectly affected by recent price cuts driven by pressure from the multiple retailers.

LWA’s dairy farmers are forced to compete on price with larger-scale producers in an effort to remain competitive at the farm gate. The 3p per litre price cut since June has hit smaller farmers who are unable to achieve the economies of scale that have helped to buffer the impact on larger producers.

“The UK has lost half of all its dairy farms since 2000 thanks to neo-liberal policies that benefit processors and supermarkets. We need a new Milk Marketing Board, or something like it, to stabilize milk prices at a level that gives dairy farmers a decent living.” Says Simon Fairlie, an LWA member who runs a micro-dairy in Dorset, “I support direct action. The original Milk Marketing Board was formed in 1933 after mass demonstrations by dairy farmers and that is the only way we will ever get justice today.”

Read the full press release here:

Landworkers’ Alliance protest on world food day

On world food day, as part of an international day of action, the Landworkers’ Alliance is bringing people together for a public protest.

Join us for the match – Family farmers united vs Agribusiness FC

P1060632When: Thursday 16th of October. Meet at 1:00pm

Where: St. James Park. We’ll meet in the North East corner of the park, just off The Mall (Nearest station Charing Cross). Then head off to a secret but high profile location.

What: The un-level playing field between corporate and sustainable agriculture in the UK is largely the result of DEFRA policies that favour the biggest players. DEFRA have just stripped farmers with less than 5ha of land of their entitlements to financial support while refusing to limit payments to the biggest landowners.
To expose this unjust state of affairs, the Landworkers Alliance will be hosting this hilarious public stunt in which  Family Farmers United  take on Agri-Business FC and DEFRA, the bias ref, reveals its allegiance.

If you’re a farmer, food sovereignty campaigner, or food lover get your boots on, come along and get involved. Everyone is welcome to take part and we need as many people as possible to make this an action our government cannot ignore.

To get involved:

Humphrey Lloyd – 07702810555 - humphreylloyd@hotmail.co.uk

Email: landworkersalliance@riseup.net

Flyer - download and spread the word!

Press Release – Landworkers’ Alliance demands support for family farming on World Food Day

walking with CowsThe Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) will be hosting a choreographed football match between Family Farmers United & Agribusiness FC at a high profile location in Westminster at 1.30pm on Thursday 16th October. The publicity stunt takes place as part of United Nation’s World Food Day, which will see coordinated actions taking place across six continents under the banner “Family Farming – Feeding the world and caring for the earth”.

The LWA is a coalition of producers across the UK who are fed up with the un-level state of the playing field between corporate and small-scale farming. Changes to agricultural policy, intensified under the coalition government, have resulted in unfair support and a skewed market that encourages production on large-scale industrial farms at the cost of smaller-scale alternatives.

“Defra policy is increasingly driven by the demands of big business and large landowners” says Dan Taylor from the LWA “We have seen clear examples of this with their recent decision to strip small farmers of entitlements to public support while at the same time refusing to limit payments to the country’s biggest industrial producers. As a referee for UK farming Defra is not only shortsighted but inherently biased.”

Read the full press release here:

Press Release – Growers unite to protect their seeds

BIO 715The Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) and Soil association (SA) will be launching a Seed Savers’ Network for farmers and growers in the South West this weekend. This regional network will be the first of many launched around the country with the aim of empowering farmers and growers to breed their own seed and develop appropriate, locally adapted varieties.

This initiative comes in response to the steady loss of appropriate seed for small-scale production and increasing moves at the European level to further concentrate control over our plant genetic resources to corporate interests.

Read the full press release here:

Farmers for Action milk protest tonight:

The second Farmers For Action milk price protest of the week takes place in Somerset on Wednesday 8 October 2014. The Landworkers’ Alliance stand in solidarity with dairy farmers facing price cuts far below their costs of production while supermarkets continue to cream off the profits. Go down tonight and show your support:

Meet at:
Sedgemoor Auction Centre
North Petherton
at 8 pm Contact James Hole 07971254652


All those taking tractors and equipment please phone James 07971254652 beforehand for relevant info.

Press Release – Climate of fear among migrant workers in UK agriculture

New research by ‘la Confédération Paysanne’ and ‘The Landworkers’ Alliance’ has uncovered the negative impact of the British industrial food production system on its workers. Interviews with workers, trade union representatives and support organisations revealed that many migrant workers were too frightened to complain about poor and often unlawful working conditions. They feared being dismissed by their employers or not being offered further work by their agency.

Read the full press release here:

Save Our Seeds

A Gathering of Growers to reclaim the skills of seed saving

October 11th 3pm – October 12th 2pm


We are organising an event with the Soil Association on the subject of seeds. 
The event is to be held at Embercombe, Devon on the 11th and 12th October and will not only cover the history of seed saving and the seed industry, as well as the current directives and proposed legislations, but also practical workshops on seed saving and breeding. There will also be talks about what is currently happening in the UK with seed trials and also the launch of the South West Seed Savers’ Cooperative.

On the evening of the 11th there will be a film and ceilidh as well a food. Camping is available as well as some space in yurts. For more details of the programme click here.

Booking is essential, and tickets can be purchased here.
There are a whole host of other events focused on seeds, around London on the 11-12th October as part of The Great Seed Festival.

Food and farming film festival

A weekend of food, farming and films in the heart of the West country.

On the 29-31st August, Lower Hewood Farm brings you the Food and Farming Film Festival, curated by Maria Benjamin – a celebration of the best films about the process of feeding the human race.

The not-to-be-missed selection of approximately 24 titles explores our wide-ranging attitudes and approaches to agricultural practice as well as the specifics of food production. Including long and short-form films, documentaries, features and surveys, the festival is a unique opportunity to see rarely screened material as well as better known titles and exposes us to powerful imagery of great beauty and at times, horror.

There will be a special opening event on the evening of Friday 29th August – a fundraising hogget roast for The Landworkers’ Alliance prior to a screening of     Dirt! The Movie. £20 per person in aid of the LWA.

More information here:

New LWA films

Here at two short films made about the Landworkers’ Alliance’s ‘Feeding the Future’ demonstration outside DEFRA offices in London on April 17th.

The first film was made for the Landworkers’ Alliance by Likely Story Films and Pogo Films. This second film was made by Onward Productions.

Banner photo credits – right Chagfood.

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