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The Landworkers’ Alliance invites you to join us and demonstrate outside DEFRA offices on the 17th April to highlight the important role that small and medium scale farmers play in feeding the population and our marginalisation in agricultural policy.

We demand that DEFRA create policies that support rather than hinder small-scale farming and thereby ensure just and sustainable food provision in the future.

All producers please bring along some of your produce. We will be creating a ‘farmers market’ stall to illustrate the role that small-scale farmers play in providing fresh, lApril 17th flier backhealthy produce for their communities, and that this could be significantly up-scaled if supported by DEFRA. There will also be speakers from the Landworkers’ Alliance and other organisations, and a seed-swap highlighting the importance of farm saved seed to small-scale farming so bring along seed to share.We call on all small and medium scale farmers, growers, landworkers and aspiring farmers to join us in showing DEFRA that we have a central role in providing our nations food.

Join us at 12 noon on the 17th April 2014 out side DEFRA head offices, 17 Smith Square, SW1P, London.

Read the press release here:

Download the flyer here: lwaPR

Evenstad Declaration: Seven measures for strengthening peasant family farming.

europe mistikaThe peasants gathered together in Norway for the Annual General Assembly of European Coordination Via Campesina and their allies present Seven measures for strengthening peasant family farming, now!

At present, peasant family farming is and remains the most widespread model to produce food in Europe and the world.

For several decades now European farmers have faced a “sink or swim” situation. Costly investments and equipment and increasing farm size have dragged producers into a never-ending downward spiral. Forced “modernisation” is no longer a way to gain access to an improved way of life and comfort, but an end in itself and an obligation. Debts weigh heavily on all, and the most vulnerable are left by the wayside. Food has become just another commodity, and peasants just producers of raw materials. All control has been wrested from their grasp.

Read the full declaration here:

Halt the sale of Co-operative Group Farms

co-operative farmsThe co-operative group is looking to sell its farm estate. A total of 50,000 acres of land which, if rushed through, will almost certainly mean that the land is bought by venture capital or pension funds, who would have no interest in managing the land using co-operative principles and sustainable techniques.

However, this sale represents a unique opportunity to make a major contribution to sustainable UK food production and help young new farmers to access land. We call on the co-operative group to delay the sales so that like-minded groups can have the opportunity to purchase the land and manage the farms according to the founding principles of the Co-operative movement.

Sign a petition called on the Co-operative group to delay the sale here:

UN special Rapporteur on the Right to Food – Final Report

olivier de schutterOlivier De Schutter, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food has published his final report, coming after 6 years in the role. You can download his final report here: Olivier de Schutter final report

Read a letter from Graciela Romero, co-chair of the UK food Group, here:


International Women’s Day

gambiaOn International Women’s Day, La Via Campesina reaffirms its anti-capitalistic and anti-patriarchal stance. We express our firm decision to fight and to take the streets and protest for a new vision of the world, based on the principles of respect, equality, justice, solidarity, peace and freedom. We are committed to continuing the struggle together with the working women of the rural and urban areas.

Read La Via Campesina’s statement here:

Read the European Co-ordination of La Via Campesina’s statement here:

Patterson’s Plans to Plant Round-Up Ready GM crops criticised

Owen PatersonEnvironment groups wrote to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to condemn Environment Secretary Owen Paterson’s support for growing GM crops in Britain (1). Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, GeneWatch UK, GM Freeze and the Soil Association expressed concerns that controversial RoundUp Ready GM crops might be planted in England as early as Spring 2015, leading to harm to the environment.

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