The Landworkers’ Alliance is a producer-led organisation of small-scale producers and family farmers who use sustainable methods to produce food, fuel, fibre and flowers.

We raise awareness of the role that our members play in providing food security, environmental stewardship, livelihoods, strong communities, animal welfare and high-quality affordable food.

We work to overcome the obstacles facing land-based workers face by building alliances, encouraging solidarity and campaigning for better policy for agro-ecology and food sovereignty.

LWA Challenges Industrial Farming at British Sugar


A fine April day in Bury St Edmonds saw 75 LWA members and friends assemble outside the British Sugar factory. We were there to mark Via Campesina’s international Day of Peasant Struggle which commemorates the massacre of 19 landless farmers in Brazil in 1996

Joined by the Rev Billy and his choir, and various musical accompaniment, we heard how the subsidy system favours big corporate agriculture at the expense of small farmers, and the damaging effects of the current sugar industry on employment, climate, health, and farming. (more…)

Small farms Productivity Survey

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How productive is your holding? “A Matter of Scale” is a survey of the productivity of small-farms being carried out by the Landworkers’ Alliance in conjunction with Coventry University, until April 26th. We invite anyone earning at least part of their livelihood from 20ha (50 acres) or less, as opposed to farming purely for subsistence, to take part. A link to the online questionnaire can be found here https://coventry.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/amatterofscale

To here a little about the survey click here for a short video.

Here are six good reasons for taking part in the survey:


Joint membership offer between WWOOF UK and Landworkers’ Alliance members

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A new partnership has been set up between WWOOF UK and the Land Workers Alliance, whereby new or renewing host members of each organisation can benefit from one year’s free membership with the other organisation.

So, as long as you fit into the criteria of both groups you can get two memberships for the price of one!

This ‘joint membership’ offer runs from 1 April 2015 until 1 April 2016. (more…)

Groundspring Network launch


Groundspring Harvest Fire

18-19 October 2014

Ruskin Mill Farm, Gloucestershire

The Groundspring Network found its feet on solid ground last weekend with a development event, the Harvest Fire. More than 30 beginning and experienced farmers, growers and woodsmen gathered and made camp at Ruskin Mill in Gloucestershire to share challenges and celebrate experiences on the land, ground the network within the community of entrant land-workers and forge a path forward together.

Opening the gathering, Sophia, Lucy and Ella, co-founders of the Groundspring Network, outlined the story of the network so far, and shared their reasons for why they feel it is needed.