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    New Report: The Promise of Agroforestry

    Lessons From the Field

    New Report: The Promise of Agroforestry
    29/09/2021 Yali Banton Heath
    In Blog, News

    The Landworkers’ Alliance are pleased to launch our new report ‘The Promise of Agroforestry: Lessons From the Field’, authored by Oli Rodker.


    This new report is aimed at policymakers, farmers and anyone who cares about land-use and the environment in the UK. It makes the case for more substantial support for agroforestry in the UK, and draws on eight examples of existing projects to highlight the benefits of agroforestry in practice, as well as to draw out some of the lessons we can learn from them.

    The report begins by exploring what is meant by the term ‘agroforestry’, what it looks like in practice, and its different forms in crop and pastoral systems. It then delves deeper into the relationship between trees, carbon and the climate, calling on the need for multi-purposed and mixed solutions to the climate crisis; ones which consider the impact of land-use change overseas as well as at home in the UK.

    The report goes on to highlight the numerous benefits of agroforestry in practice – to farmers, livestock and nature. By drawing on eight different case-studies of established and working agroforestry projects in the UK, it also teases out some of the lessons that can be learned from these existing examples.

    With COP26 on the horizon and pressure on land-use at an all time high, now is the time to be talking seriously about multi-purpose solutions that can mitigate climate breakdown while also allowing farmers and food producers to provide the food we need.

    Agroforestry is one such approach.


    This report was created with funding from Farming the Future.



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