The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    An agroecological transition is vital to ensure that the UK can continue to produce healthy, local, and affordable food for generations to come.

    The productivist farming model both in the UK and globally has proven to be grossly unsustainable. Intensive farming practices which prioritise high yields and the commodification of food goods above soil health, climate, nutrition and biodiversity have contributed to environmental destruction on such a level that we cannot sustain this method of food production for any longer. 

    An agroecological transition towards a food production system which works with nature, rather than against it, is vital to ensuring that the UK is able to continue to produce healthy, local, and affordable food for generations to come. Although the principles of agroecology are straightforward, application of these principles in practice requires careful design of agricultural systems and a knowledge of agroecological techniques, meaning farmers may need substantial support to make the investments necessary for change. As we embark on a post-Brexit Agricultural Transition, it is imperative that the UK government and devolved administrations understand agroecology as a real solution to the food production and environmental crises we face.


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    A New Deal for Horticulture (2017 – ongoing)
    To meet the UK demand for fruit and vegetables, a massive scaling up of production is required
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    Deregulation of Gene-Editing (2021 – ongoing)
    Gene editing techniques, such as CRISPR, are supposed to allow for lab-based changes to DNA to give plants, animals, and other organisms specific traits such as disease resistance.
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    Amend the Agriculture Bill (2020)
    The proposed Agriculture Bill failed to make reference to agroecological farming or local food.
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    Good food, good farming march (2018)
    In 2018 the Landworkers’ Alliance worked with a number of allied organisations to hold the UK’s first Good Food, Good Farming march.
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    A Place at the Table (2017)
    A campaign launching the LWAs post-Brexit policy proposals,highlighting the exclusion of organisations representing smaller scale producers from policy and calling for more equal access to decision making spaces.
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    LWA @ COP26 (2021)
    We're Mobilising for Climate Justice at COP26 and to put Agroecology and Food Sovereignty firmly on the UK's climate agenda.



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    Whole Farm Agroecology Scheme (2019)
    A position paper outlining the case for policy to support agroecology.
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    Agroecology in Action (2019)
    Highlights pioneering work in UK to create a productive and sustainable agriculture


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