A huge thank  you to everyone that participated in our recent Brexit survey.

To summarise the results:

  • 80% of members wish to remain in the EU
  • Unsurprisingly, food and farming issues are important factors in people’s decision.
  • Almost 50% of members feel that the Landworkers’ Alliance should stay neutral, but provide facts and challenge spin to help voters make their minds up. This formed a significant majority however it is worth noting that 31% of respondents felt the LWA should campaign to stay in the EU.




* 1) Campaign to leave the EU 2) Campaign to stay in the EU 3) Stay neutral, but provide facts and challenge spin to help voters make their minds up 4) Stay out of it – concentrate on other campaigns 5) Don’t know


Summary of answers:

  • Environmental, animal welfare and human rights policy has been campaigned against by UK government at European level and would likely be diluted or abandoned if UK was to leave EU
  • Europe is seen to limit the power of the UK government. Majoritively this is seen as a positive, though some members highlight the potential benefit of independence to develop our own policies.
  • Global co-operation is crucial in overcoming challenges of climate change and social injustice.
  • CAP or an alternative subsidies system need to be reformed to provide more support to ecological and small scale farming.

Note the above is not exhaustive and purely reflects the most common responses. You can view the full list of anonymous responses here.