Our fourth AGM is just around the corner and it is time for us to start the election process for the co-ordinating group (core group) members who will be elected this year. Our policy suggests that at least 1/3 of the Landworkers’ Alliance’s 12 member co-ordinating group (Directors) will stand down or stand for re-election every year. This will ensure that we maintain stability and experience in the group but also open space for new members to get involved at this level of responsibility.

Please read below and if you are NOT attending the AGM fill out the vote of confidence form. This can only be done if you are a member of LWA.

Directors Job Description

The role of Director is a voluntary one that involves a significant level of commitment and experience. Directors meet at least 4 times per year and are expected to participate in the running of the organisation on a regular basis via email contact and phone meetings with the rest of the directors.

We aim to represent the diversity of our members among the directors including age, gender, region and type of work or holding.

The term for a director is 3 years, although directors can stand down before that term is served if necessary.


So, this year four from the coordinating group are standing down – Joanna Mudhar, Alexa de Ferranti, Frank Gundry-White and Sophia Campbell. Massive thanks to these four who have given so much of there own time to help build the LWA.

We have had four applications from members who wish to stand for election. As this equals the number of people leaving competitive voting is not required. However, it would be good for all LWA members to give a vote of confidence for the new members of the coordinating group. Could all members please give the vote of confidence by filling out the form below (if you are not coming to the AGM). Members who are attending the AGM can do this there. The following are the five new applications for being on the coordinating group:


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I am a LWA member

By clicking here I give my vote of confidence for Joanna Dornan, Lucy Otto, Lynne Davis and Adam Payne to be part of the LWA coordinating group.

Joanna Dornan

I am based in Leeds, where I set up and have been running a community forest garden on 1/3 acre of open access council land. This project is now in its 6th year, and is starting to flourish both as a garden and as a community project.   The project has managed on a shoestring budget, with much of my time being voluntary, but I am now part of a workers cooperative set up for the running of this project.  I am also employed as an edible landscaping gardener for a couple locally who manage several rental properties and value what I do.  I aspire to live and work on the land more fully, but I committed to this piece of land and to see this project to the point where it would no longer need me.  The project is getting closer to this point, so my horizons are broadening with the prospect of being able to move becoming more likely.

I don’t currently get to work on the land full time, this is partly due to all the off-site work I do for the garden project and ongoing education, and partly due to long-standing health issues that I am in the process of addressing through diet and complementary holistic approaches.   This has been a major influence in my life and been the impelling force behind my interest in the quality of food we eat and the means by which it is produced. I’m particularly interested in regenerative agriculture and soil carbon sequestering farming (and horticultural) methods, and I feel most drawn to working to see a much greater realisation of these ideas in practice in the UK.  I would consider myself an aspiring ‘new entrant’ under the LWA membership categories, however I would also like for the LWA committee to consider a category for community gardening project workers, as this would recognise this work as allied and equally valid, which I personally think it is.

I have been re-educating myself ever since discovering permaculture in 2006.  I have also worked for the permaculture association for 3 years.  Preceeding this I have a background in community mental health (trained as a movement psychotherapist) and have worked in the voluntary sector for many years in various roles.  I have considerable experience and success with small-medium scale funding applications, project initiation and management.  I bring to the LWA committee a strong desire to contribute to a genuine shift towards an agroecological food system in the UK.


Lucy Otto

I manage the market garden at The Fold, Bransford. It is a productive garden, which also hosts people on a ‘care farm’ basis. We’re hoping to start a CSA next season. We have local volunteers and host several Wwoofers each year. I am a fairly young / new grower (3 years now), and am part of the core team of Groundspring – a network for people starting out in sustainable agriculture. I would enjoy being a bridge between people newly committed to agriculture and the Land Workers Alliance, encouraging people to start getting aware and involved in the issues facing small scale agriculture as a whole. I am passionate about this way of life and the benefits it brings to people and society, and feel ready to step up to more committed engagement with the work that needs to be done to raise it’s profile.

Lynne Davis

I am a new entrant to farming. After studying biodynamic farming in the Forest of Dean I now work in urban community-led agriculture. I am based in Bristol. My key projects are:
– Pioneering a goat CSA in urban Bristol in which members collectively keep goats, sharing in the costs and responsibilities and receive a share of the milk.
– Establishing a medicinal herb project at Feed Bristol, taking on Frank White’s herb business and developing markets with local herbalists and cafes
– Ferment Bristol, processing local veg into sauerkraut and kimchi in a subscription based model.

I am also involved with the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience collaborating on ideas to develop the Farm Hack network. I have been active in local food distribution hubs, starting Dean Forest Food Hub while living at Yorkley Court Community Farm. This has led to my involvement in the Open Food Network, developing flexible software platforms to reduce overheads for communities and producers looking for online technologies to support their businesses.

I would be excited to become involved in the LWA core group, in particular to become involved with the European Coordination for La Via Campesina. I am interested in organising for social impact and am inspired by the strength of this network and the influence it has gained in Brussels. I would love to contribute to making positive change within EU policy, to be part of the growing voice of small scale farmers.

I am highly organised and have an aptitude for grasping complex concepts quickly. I am hard working, committed and passionate about reforming our broken food system. I’d be excited for the opportunity to work more closely with the LWA to help achieve this.

Adam Payne

I hereby apply for the role of Director with the Landworkers’ Alliance. My name is Adam Payne and I am a young grower (27 years). I do not currently have a fixed location because I have just returned to the UK after a season running a small veg growing business in Poland. Prior to that I was with Organiclea Community Growers on the edge of London.

I have been involved with the LWA from the start, and am currently a representative of the LWA in Europe through my role as coordinating committee member of the European Coordination of Via Campesina. Being a director of the LWA would help me to strengthen the links between our work in the UK and ECVC’s work in Europe. This would bring many benefits to the LWA across a range of areas – from strengthening our work on policy and lobbying, to exchanges with European farmers organizations and a better flow of information on the political situation in the European and global agricultural institutions.