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    On-farm traineeships, where new entrants work alongside an experienced farmer, grower or forester for one or two seasons, are an important entry route into land-based work and play the role of an informal apprenticeship for many people.
    We are working with members offering traineeships to improve the coherence of training provided and to group members in the same area together to provide collective delivery of theoretical elements to organise farm visits and exchanges. By doing this we aim to improve the training experience and ensure that the quality of training is high.
    Our guide to setting up an on-farm traineeship can be found here.


    South West Traineeship Pilot
    We are developing an agroecology curriculum and programme of horticultural training in the South West of England. We have funding for a two year pilot, and will be running a programme in the summer of 2021 and 2022.
    Why should your farm take part?
    The pilot programme is free and as a farm hosting a trainee, you will participate in online sessions led by Angela Raffle and Nikki Yoxall, experts in adult education and training to help build your confidence and skills as a trainer.
    What’s in it for your trainees?
    Six training days will be available in the 2021 season. These will cover the roots of the food sovereignty movement and practical topics such as soil science and seed saving. Trainees will get to meet each other, get connected and access support in the development of their future plans.
    For more info contact


    Wales Future Farmers Training Network
    For information about the 2022 Programme, please see the Welsh and English documents.
    About the 2021 Programme
    This is our first year piloting a network bringing together trainees from horticulture farms across Wales, in partnership with Lantra. Trainees have come together for online training sessions and farm visits; so far we’ve been welcomed by Cae Tan CSA, Big Meadow CSA, Ash and Elm Horticulture and Cultivate, with further visits coming up.
    Trainees have seen a wide variety of business models, scales of operation and growing techniques. Swimming, campfires and really good food have also been highlights! It’s been inspirational to hear about different motivations and journeys into horticulture, whether from experienced growers or new trainees. By developing technical skills and linking trainees to the wider community of Welsh growers, the network aims to ensure that trainees have the confidence and connections they need to continue in horticulture.
    The network is part of the Resilient Green Spaces partnership, a £1.27m project led by Social Farms & Gardens to pilot alternative re-localised food systems using communities and their green spaces as the driving force for change across Wales until June 2023.
    For more info contact

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