The Landworkers’ Alliance is a grassroots union of farmers, growers and land-based workers with a mission to improve the livelihoods of our members and create a better food system for everyone.

We work for a future where farmers are able to work with dignity and earn a decent living, and people can access healthy, affordable food from local producers.

We are a democratic member-led union, run by producers for producers. All our policies and representation comes from farmers, growers and land-based workers who have direct experiences of the issues we campaign on.

We are members of La Via Campesina, the global movement of small-scale producers and peasant farmers.


Social Networks and Solidarity – We work to strengthen social networks and solidarity between farmers, growers and land-based workers.

Training and Exchange – We work to increase the skills and knowledge of our members and organise trainings, skill-shares and exchanges.

Media and Advocacy – We work to improve the public understanding of the role that small and medium-scale agroecological farms play in creating a better food system.

Campaigning and Lobbying – We work to create policy that supports the infrastructure and markets central to our members’ livelihoods.

Join the Landworkers Alliance as a member, supporter or ally so together we can tackle the roots causes of our imbalanced food system and be part of building the movement for a fair farming system and food justice in the UK.

There are multiple benefits to being part of the Landworkers’ Alliance – we are a fast growing grassroots union with members involved in our work from across the UK. We organise political trainings, farmer-to-farmer exchanges, and campaigns and actions.

Membership is open to farmers, growers and land-based workers. Get in touch to find out more about how membership can benefit you.

We also have a supporters membership for allies who want to support our vision and work.