Farmhack LWA concluding movement notes

working groups around certain tools
present tools at agricultural conference – trying to sell some?
build day – share templates and people go home to make their own
what tools here or elsewhere would you like to see learn have
what training do you need
what skills in your neighbourhood – what do they need to get involved (tea, jam, cake?!)
recruitment – who is in your network already? engineers, CAD, coding, etc
video footage – promote LWA and for our funding workshops – contact ed if you want to get it

circle is good
sharing of ideas / show and tell / market place / bring and share
same sessions twice so people can make it along to all of the ones they want
themes – people bring and present and meet
geographical – join LWA and regional groups – local working groups
timing of farmhack – middle of winter next time, not spring please
sessions – more interactive – problem solving sessions
access to workshops – what is your most skeleton workshop – how to set up and what to buy/source
across regions as well as inside regions
list of people and who they are and where they are from
needs/skills/marriages noticeboard
SE – Small Famers Training Group – West Sussex Smallholders Group training group
Soil Association – Fieldlab – compost teas
RegAG – set up work parties with them
Scotty – working on a website with mapping and organisation tools
Farmhack – LWA work with Soil Association, Universities, Architects, coders and others 1/3 people ongoing involvement with a farmer

open space feedback session

++website hack –
next iteration of LWA site (Axel and Robin)
LWA map working group (Robin, Axel, James, Ella, Abby and Emma)
algorithmic event matching registration skills, needs and geography

++generation hack
building trust between old and new
landshare arrangement longer term
skill share/work parties

++seed hack
map of seed saving groups + events
regional seed networks
replace agribusiness – vision –
promote benefits – more adaptible /
guidelines for open pollinated quality label packet
event at real seed company september LWA mailing list
groundspring website resource area
SW LWA seed savers coop web page on LWA site

++soil hack
knowledge/education – reading list with how easy/hard – put on farmhack website
research – permaculture association research booklet
technology/events –
Adam is leading working group on this

++Monthly Stroud meetup

++Farmhack – Scotland
Perthshire in August 2016
Coping with extremes of Scottish weather
more cold/wind/rain/snow
less light/sun
make page on farmhack website and email LWA

++pedalhack – poppy to coordinate via
what is already out there
cambridge cropshare have a pedal powered weeder
rickshaw distribution
have them at next farmhack
workshop space at forty hall farm in Enfield – she could host pedal powered leave mould sifter
growing and processing and distribution – processing oils?
making links with gyms?!? “how useful is your power?”
urban agriculture links and harnessing power of the bike

working group is going to explore crowd funding and other funding for build and workshops to develop

++hemphack –
not for profit coop sustainable producing local oil and housing from hemp

getting planning permission for agriculture
barreltop wagons in devon
pros/cons vs caravans
looking at traditional dwellings
group on farmhack page
red pig farm wales