The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    The UK Committee on Climate Change has calculated that agriculture in the UK is responsible for 10% of economy wide emissions; a figure which is closer to 30% once food supply chain wide emissions are considered.

    It is therefore clear that in order to address the impact that the agricultural sector has on the climate, we must not only take into account farming and production, but also the wider food system as a whole. Particular attention must be paid to the impacts of land-use change in other parts of the world that are driven by UK food imports and dietary habits. Without understanding the connections between our consumption, agricultural production, distribution, and the environment, we will be unable to effectively address the challenges we face.

    We therefore campaign and lobby the UK government and devolved administrations to implement systematic solutions to the climate emergency that allow people to access affordable, nutritious food whilst also cooling the planet; we believe that this is achievable through the adoption of agroecological production and a transition to shorter supply chains. COP26 will be held in Glasgow this year, and through the paradigm of climate justice, we will be using our platform, membership and networks to advocate for agroecology and food sovereignty to be adopted as real solutions to the climate crisis.


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    Scotland Consultations
    The Scottish Government is consulting on a new Agriculture Bill for Scotland – to be expected by 2023.
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    LWA @ COP26 (2021)
    We're Mobilising for Climate Justice at COP26 and to put Agroecology and Food Sovereignty firmly on the UK's climate agenda.
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    VOCAL FOR LOCAL (2021 – ongoing)
    The Vocal for Local campaign makes the case for local and short supply chains as the route to just, sustainable, healthy and resilient food systems fit for the 21st century.
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    Farming, Food and Climate March (2019)
    On October 5th 2019 in London the Landworkers’ Alliance mobilised for a Farming, Food and Climate Justice March.



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    Farming and the Climate Crises – LWA launches new report (June 2019)
    Launch of our Food, Farming, and the Climate Crisis policy report, explaining how we can feed people and cool the planet.


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