On the weekend of the 18th & 19th April more than 120 farmers & growers descended on Ruskin Mill farm, Gloucestershire, for the launch of Farmhack UK. Farmhack is an initiative born out of the Greenhorns young farmers movement in the U.S. that aim... read more

How productive is your holding? “A Matter of Scale” is a survey of the productivity of small-farms being carried out by the Landworkers’ Alliance in conjunction with Coventry University, until April 26th. We invite anyone earning at least part o... read more

Polish farmers are into the second week of a protest camp in front of the Prime Minister’s Palace and are asking for solidarity from other European farmers. One thing they said would be useful is for farmers from England to record short videos (1-2 ... read more

Calling all land workers – both existing LWA members and producers’ of food, fuel and fibre who have yet to discover the friendly camaraderie of the LWA. During January and February 2015, the Landworkers’ Alliance will be holding a serie... read more