The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers.

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    Land Justice

    Campaigns & Advocacy

    The patterns of unequal access to land, housing, growing space and the great outdoors that we currently see in the UK have been shaped by historical processes of enclosure; a phenomenon which persists even to this day. 

    Such patterns of land inequality tend to favour an older, wealthier, white and rural demographic, leaving young, low-income and urban communities – and in particular Black people and People of Colour – significantly disadvantaged in terms of access to land and green space. We believe that land is a public good, and should serve the interests of society rather than a wealthy minority. In order to see more farms, more people working on the land, and more people having a connection to the food they eat and how it is produced, we must first address the barriers that communities face in accessing land. 

    We are proud to be part of Land Justice UK – a network of groups and organisations working towards a more fair and just land system. In November 2017 we took part in the Land For What? event in London, and joined organisations like Shared Assets and the New Economics Foundation to discuss what land reform might look like in the UK. As part of our advocacy work for a more just food and land-use system we campaign in areas such as planning reform, access to land for new entrants, defending county farms, and reconnecting people with the land and with food production.


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    In March, Defra released a consultation on the two new proposed schemes that are intended to replace the current Direct Payment scheme - we want to make sure they link...
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    Planning (2019 – ongoing)
    The current planning system is not sufficiently attuned to the needs of new entrants and agroecological farm businesses
    View Campaign
    Public Land for Public Good (2016)
    A campaign highlighting issues of access to land and the county farm sell off, and calling for policy to support accessible routes into farming and land based work.
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    Small Farms, Better Food (2014)
    A stunt in 2014 highlighting the role of small farms in improving accessibility to healthy, affordable local food and calling for policy to support them.



    Download PDF
    Planning reform to create sustainable farming livelihoods in the countryside
    The growth of agroecological farming in England is currently significantly hampered by the planning system.
    Download PDF
    Planning Barriers Faced By New Organic Horticultural Businesses (2019)
    Planning issues faced by new entrants to horticulture.
    Download PDF
    Trial By Ordeal (2018)
    A report highlighting the planning issues faced by small scale producers and proposing policy changes and clarifications
    Download PDF
    Why We Need Small Farms (2017)
    A Document Outlining The Multifunctional Benefits Of Small Farms




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