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The Landworkers' Alliance AGM and Winter Shindig 2019

A write-up and report

The Landworkers’ Alliance AGM and Winter Shindig 2019
13/02/2020 Steph Wetherell

In November 2019 we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the beautiful hills of Cumbria, welcoming over 125 landworkers and allies, and musicians and storytellers. As our AGMs grows each year, our event organising is being fine tuned to make it a smoother, more participatory and relaxed gathering.

At our 2019 AGM we had a fantastic crew of facilitators, organisers and the Landworkers’ Alliance ‘vibesmiths’ who worked hard in supporting everyone to hold the space, facilitate sessions, and create the all important social vibes essential to working hard! We were also committed to working to make LWA events intergenerational and this year we welcome a great gang of the youngest of generations and the wisdom they bring to the gathering. 

We hosted several public debates and discussions on key issues affecting food, farming and land use. We heard about the work that is taking place in northern England and the UK to protect assets of community value and the future of the uplands, holding debates and strategic discussions about how we develop our campaigns and positions on these. 

In addition to plenary presentations and debates we had an exciting array of member led sessions and sectoral organising spaces throughout the weekend ranging from discussions about Farming, Forestry and Feminism, Co-ops and Bioregions, Mobilizing for COP 26 in Glasgow, Food and Social Justice, Climate Chaos and Land use and many more. We also spent time in our sectors, branches and regions strategizing how we wanted to organise and develop the Landworkers’ Alliance as a union at a local grassroots level. 

The Landworkers’ Alliance Annual General Meeting and Winter Shindig is one of our most important gatherings each year as we come together as land based workers and allies together from across the UK, collectively set our work agenda for the following year, organise skill shares and exchanges, elect our coordinating group, stategise around the development of the union, and work hard and party hard as we build and strengthen a movement for food, farming and climate justice! 

To view the AGM programme of events please click here

This write up and report of our AGM contains the minutes and notes of the multiple workshops, presentations and discussions that were held throughout the weekend and plans and actions for 2020. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about any of the sessions and how to get involved in any of the working groups please contact us at

To see the full write up and report, please click here. 

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