The Landworkers’ Alliance welcomes the announcement made by Environment Secretary Michael Gove that he will oppose concessions on imports of  unlabelled-GMO products, rBGH beef and chlorinated chicken into the UK post-Brexit. The Secretary was asked on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday 2nd July whether he was ‘absolutely clear that our environmental and food standards would not be loosened in any way as a result of leaving the EU and doing free trade deals with other countries, including America’.

Mr Gove went on to confirm for the first time that direct payments to the UK’s largest landowners will be reduced following this parliament.  The Secretary’s announcement comes days after a report released by Greenpeace UK identified that one in five of the UK’s top 100 CAP  recipients also feature in the Sunday Times Rich List.

Ed Hamer, Landworkers’ Alliance spokesperson said: ‘We’re delighted that the Secretary of State has set out his position so clearly regarding some of our trade  policy concerns. We’re also encouraged that Mr Gove is demonstrating his commitment to high animal welfare and “quality” in both UK food and farming.’

‘The Landworkers’ Alliance represents many of the 35,000 CAP recipients in the UK who received less collectively than the £50m paid in direct support to the largest 100 recipients in 2016. We have been campaigning for a number of years for farm support to be allocated more effectively to a broader range  of farming models. This announcement is a welcome indication that the Secretary and his Department have indeed been listening and are engaging with the wider farming community.’

The Landworkers’ Alliance  has recently launched a 20-page manifesto; Making Food Sovereignty a Reality: Recommendations for Post-Brexit Agricultural Policy; that outlines a clear vision for delivering high quality food to local, regional & national markets while supporting truly resilient farming.


Link to Greenpeace Energydesk report.

Link to Making Food Sovereignty a Reality: Post Brexit Agricultural Policy.

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