The Landworkers’ Alliance has always restricted membership to people who meet our membership criteria. This is because the LWA is part of La Via Campesina, an international union of unions, representing the rights of small producers around the world. The integrity of the LWA and La Via Campesina come from the fact that ALL of our members are land workers, and that our lives and livelihoods are what is at stake when making our demands.

We also know that in the UK hundreds of years of policies have devastated the rural, land worker population. While very few of us are actually land workers, many many of us support the rights of land workers. In some way many of us know that somewhere in our past we did have land, and our ancestors were forced off it and into cities. Hence, while our circumstances prevent us from being land workers now, we support the work of the Land Workers Alliance.

The LWA really appreciate this. Small scale producers are very few, but people who want to eat great quality food are many. We can’t have a movement for small scale production without our collective voices. Producer or non-producer, we are all part of this movement to create a just food system that nourishes this country, both the people and the land, with the best quality food produced with respect.

So, to respect both the membership criteria of La Via Campesina, and the understanding that this movement is a movement for EVERYONE, the LWA are now offering Supporter Memberships.

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Lynne Davis