2pm Friday 24th February 2017 Abbey Home Farm Cirencester

This field lab for OGA and LWA members will attempt to evaluate the potential for buckwheat (and maybe other crops) to reduce couch grass infestations in horticultural rotations. Anecdotal evidence has shown buckwheat to work well within the rotation at Abbey Home Farm (AHF). Can it be built into rotations to reduce the couch grass burden on farms? What are the costs and benefits of using buckwheat (as a potential crop or green manure) in the rotation? Can we compare it with other means of control (e.g. fallowing)?

Field Lab: Buckwheat for couch controlCouch is well established in some areas of the rotation at Abbey Home Farm and can have significant negative effects on crop yields. Current method of control is by bastard fallowing, however this has varying success and causes a lot of damage to soil structure. It also requires specific weather conditions to be effective. The plan is to set up a trial with buckwheat sown after brassicas and before alliums in the rotation.
If you are interested in trying the technique and taking part in trials to use buckwheat in your rotations to control couch please come along.
The field lab is free for OGA and LWA members but please let us know if you plan to come. To register:  Contact Phil Sumption 01488 658298 Ext: 533 or phil.s@organicresearchcentre.com