LWA coordinating group elections

Our fifth AGM is this weekend and it is time for us to start the election process for the co-ordinating group (core group) members who will be elected this year.

Please read below and if you are NOT attending the AGM fill out the vote of confidence form. This can only be done if you are a member of LWA.

Directors Job Description

The role of Director is a voluntary one that involves a significant level of commitment and experience. Directors meet at least 4 times per year and are expected to participate in the running of the organisation on a regular basis via email contact and phone meetings with the rest of the directors.

We aim to represent the diversity of our members among the directors including age, gender, region and type of work or holding.

The term for a director is 3 years, although directors can stand down before that term is served if necessary.


So, this year, two of the coordinating group members are standing down – Ed Hamer and Ashley Wheeler

We have had three applications from members who wish to stand for election. As this will take our number of coordinating group members up to 12, competitive voting is not required. However, it would be good for all LWA members to give a vote of confidence for the new members of the coordinating group or express any concerns they have.

Could all members please register your approval or concerns by filling out the form below (if you are not coming to the AGM). Members who are attending the AGM can do this there.