Our fifth AGM is just around the corner and it is time for us to start the election process for the co-ordinating group members (Directors) who will be elected this year.

Directors Job Description

The role of Director is a voluntary one that involves a significant level of commitment and experience. Directors meet at least 4 times per year and are expected to participate in the running of the organisation on a regular basis via email contact and phone meetings with the rest of the directors.

We aim to represent the diversity of our members among the directors including age, gender, region and type of work or holding. We are are lacking in representation of arable, forestry and dairy farmers, so people working in these areas would be especially welcome to apply!

The term for a director is 3 years, although directors can stand down before that term is served if necessary.
Application Process

All people applying to be directors must write a paragraph about themselves outlining, what they do, where they are based, which membership category they fill, their affiliations to other organisations, relevant experiences and what they believe they can bring to the Landworkers’ Alliance co-ordinating group. They will then send their application to landworkersalliance@riseup.net no later than Sunday the 6th November and we will compile and circulate all applications to the membership for reading and voting on during the 2 weeks prior to the AGM.

Members will be eligible to vote on the directors they would like to elect that year. Votes will be taken at the AGM or electronically and the notification of results shared with the entire membership.