Please take 10-20 minutes to fill in this survey such that we can make the strongest possible case for a British Agricultural Policy that supports small scale, community and family farmers. Please respond by September 30th.

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Your input helps strengthen the case for real change in post-Brexit Agricultural Policy

The task of creating a post-Brexit ‘British Agricultural Policy’ that supports producers, protects the environment and prioritizes access to healthy, nutritious food for all is a complex but essential one. It represents a great opportunity if the Government is ready to listen to the needs of all stakeholders and put in place a truly long-term plan for environmental, social and economic resilience.

The LWA Core Group have been working to release a framework to guide a UK Agricultural Policy that meets the needs of LWA members. We have based this work on the outcomes of meetings of the Landworkers’ Alliance over the past 4 years, incorporating insights from our AGMs, gatherings and involvement in La Via Campesina.

Download ‘More Farmers, Better Food – A framework for British Agricultural Policy’

This document is intended to carry our united voice, such that we may inform an Agricultural Policy that supports LWA members and our way of farming. But we need your help to do this! We’d like to be specific. We’d like to be able to give concrete examples of how existing policies negatively impact our members, and how new policies could support us. We’d like to back up our asks with as much data as possible. And we’d like to focus our campaigning time and energy as appropriately as possible, for maximum impact.

Your input and involvement are invaluable in the upcoming campaigns necessary to rewrite UK Farming Policy to work for small scale, family and community farms. Thank you for taking the time to contribute!