Polish farmers are into the second week of a protest camp in front of the Prime Minister’s Palace and are asking for solidarity from other European farmers.

One thing they said would be useful is for farmers from England to record short videos (1-2 minutes) explaining why on-farm processing of foods and direct sales are important to their livelihoods. This will support the campaign by the Polish Farmers Union Solidarity to change Polish law around direct sale and environmental health which makes it almost impossible for peasant farmers to sell their produce.

Environmental health regulations in Poland are completely over the top, for example, existing kitchens cannot be certified and have to be placed in a separate building, whilst even putting salad in bags qualifies as ‘processed’. The law is one of the hardest in European Union and comes from the national government, not European Parliament.

Film guidelines:

film with anything – mobile phone or amateur camera are just fine

say: who you are, where you’re from and what you do

say why on-farm processing and direct sales are important to your livelihood

If you want to, take a footage of the processing space/action or products.

send a message of solidarity to farmers in Poland and encourage them to fight for their rights.

You can email the footage to Joanna Bojczewska bojczewska@gmail.com including your name, farm name and where you live, to avoid spelling mistakes 🙂 The films along with the translated subtitles will be shared with Farmers’ Protest organizers and circulated online to put pressure on the government.