• 3rd LWA AGM in Manchester, including speakers, tours, knees-up, catch-up and the like.

  • Organised protest outside Defra offices, demanding policy changes to allow for a more level playing field for small scale producers practising agroecological methods.

  • Organised a protest outside Parliament to demonstrate the un-level playing field between small and large scale agriculture. Watch the film.
  • Completed our Defra Policy pamphlet – “Feeding the Future”. Read it here.


  • Farm visits across UK
  • World Food Sovereignty Day 16th October
  • 4th AGM in November
  • Food Sovereignty Festival
  • Hosting more sessions at Oxford Real Farming Conference (see programme for the upcoming conference here). Come along to some of our sessions and say hello!
  • Launch of the Defra policy pamphlet (“Feeding the Future”) and have Parliamentary launch
  • Produce a short film about LWA
  • Continue to respond to consultations relevant to our campaigns, and support projects whose focus is on our main campaigning areas
  • Build our membership by attending more fairs/festivals throughout UK
  • Setting up regional groups to ensure that events and farm tours are distributed all throughout the UK

Thank you for all of the support!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last year, we have had various donations including one from Rachel Solnick – one of our members who asked her wedding guests to donate to us! Thanks Rachel.

Thanks to World Development Movement who have helped us with our various protests, both financially and in terms of organising the events.

Thanks to all our members this year. We have more than doubled our membership numbers since the beginning of the year, and we currently have around 270 members spread throughout the UK. Membership fees are a huge help towards the work that we do, this allows us to continue to organise and pay for events, protests and the like.

Thanks for all the technical support from members and friends including help from Mark Simmonds about our legal structure – we are becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee.

We have had a couple of successful funding bids over the last year which has allowed us to pay for the time and work that has gone into producing the “Feeding the Future” pamphlet as well as other more administrative roles involved in our work. So thank you very much to Lush and the Network For Social Change for this funding.

Thanks to all the core group members who work hard to do lots of the day to day stuff involved in running LWA. Big thanks to Adam Payne, who has moved to Poland to run a smallholding. Adam’s role has been External Communications and Movement Building within the LWA as well as Secretary. He will continue to be involved as much as he can be, and we hope to entice him back to the UK in the next couple of years!

Welcome to the new core group members!

At the recent AGM in Manchester we had 5 core group members stand down due to other commitments and we have had 5 new core group members fill their shoes. Firstly thanks to all the core group members who have stood down – Sara Melendro, Chris Smaje, Ele Saltmarsh, Jonny Watler and Olly Craigan.Welcome to the new core group members.

The new members have all been heavily involved in helping run LWA and organise events in the last year and it is great to have them on the core group. They are Sophia Campbell, Dan Burston, Oli Rodker, Joanne Mudhar and Rebecca Laughton (Bee). They join Ed Hamer, Jyoti Fernandes, Ashley Wheeler, Alexa de Ferranti, Humphrey Lloyd and Frank Gundry-White to make up the current core group. Simon Fairlie and Adam Payne are both still involved and help in more advisory roles.

We will soon have a page on the website with a little writeup of each of the core group members.

Five of the core group members are also in paid roles. Jyoti and Bee are both undertaking research roles one day a week each, Oli and Joanne are sharing one day a week doing External Communications and Movement Building and Ashley Wheeler is Membership Secretary and sends the newsletters, working half a day a week. These roles are currently all funded by grants from Network for Social Change and Lush.