Another chance to attend this inspiring workshop on the 18th of October

Every vegetable and plant we grow wants to produce seed, and yet seed growing is only done by a very few growers across the country. With so much of our food and seed autonomy under threat now is the time to regain an understanding of seed.

Sun, Seed and Season is a workshop designed to help gardeners and growers regain the skills, understand the complex relationships of the cycles of the year and better equip us with the knowledge and intuition that will help us carry crops through the full lifecycle to produce high quality, fertile seed stock year after year.

Drawing on the holistic understanding of Biodynamics the 1-day workshop will explore:

– Practical details of sowing time, harvesting and selection of different crops.

– Introduction on how sun and moon cycles are important in seed growing

– Learning how to dry, thresh, and process seeds to high standard.

– Manage fertility and soil in seed production.

– Introduction to Biodynamics

Led by Tony Carlton, an intutitive farmer and grower of over 40 years with 20 years Biodynamic experience working on farms and gardens including Weleda. Tony has been producing seed for Stormy Hall Seeds for 10 years and more recently has made seed production his main focus.

Cost: £40 including lunch

Location: Tony’s Market Garden in the Forest of Dean GL15 6BU

When: Saturday Octoberr 18th, 2014. 10am – 4pm

Bookings: Email or phone 0778 488 7895