Press Release – Farmers welcome dismissal of Owen Patterson LWA logo

Farmers and growers from the Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) welcome the dismissal of Owen Paterson from the position of Environment Secretary.

Rebecca Jones, a farmer and member of the Landworkers’ Alliance said “It is relieving that Owen Paterson has been removed from office. His unashamed focus on corporate agribusiness over the needs of farmers and the environment has been costly to good food and farming. We hope that his successor Liz Truss will put the environment back in Environment Secretary, and stand up to the corporate interests who will try to lead her away from environmental concerns and the needs of farmers.

She added “Ecological land use and properly funded small farms hold the key to dealing with the multiple issues of climate chaos, food security and rural unemployment. The Landworkers’ Alliance looks forward to meeting Liz Truss and discussing how she will work with us to mainstream the solutions that our members are already putting in place.”

The Landworkers’ Alliance hopes to work with Liz Truss to create supportive policy for agro-ecological farming and to level the playing field for small-scale food producers who often receive little or no financial support from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) despite providing high yields of quality food, and high levels of employment, per unit land area, alongside countless social and community benefits.

The Landworkers’ Alliance also hopes to work with the new Environment Sectary to simplify planning, waste and food hygiene regulations to make them appropriate to small scale producers as well as finding ways to support the numerous young people who want to set up new farming enterprises, but face significant obstacles to doing so.

The LWA is a member of the international peasant farming movement La Via Campesina which represents 200 million small-scale producers around the world. We campaign for the rights of small-scale producers and lobby the UK government and European parliament for policies that support the infrastructure and markets central to our livelihoods.

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