Colleagues in Poland have asked people in the UK to sign this petition in support of their struggles for policy reform to support small farmers and oppose gm:

Polish farmers are currently blockading towns in North West Poland in order to stop the government selling off prime farmland to multinational corporations to grow GM food on.

Land grabs like this are becoming more common around the world as multinational corporations look to establish themselves on foreign soils and exploit the resource base in order to increase their export opportunities.

Genetically Modified food is firmly rejected by 75% of Polish citizens. The Polish government has recently passed a new Act which claims to ban planting of GM seeds, but in reality is allowing them in at the back door because it failed to ban “trading” of such seeds.

The farmers demand:
Stop GM seeds from being planted in Poland (which is permitted under a recent Parlimentary act)
Stop the sell off of prime farmland to multinational corporations
Free up food regulations which are preventing the local sale of farm produce